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Impressions of the 13th Intimate Cycling Event 1

Participants' impressions-1

Amazing event!" Kazuhiro Ueda

I am Ueda from Minoh.

This time, the timing was perfect and I was able to participate in an intimate event. I was so touched, it was a wonderful event of inclusivity.

In addition, thanks to Montbell, OGK Kabuto, Sakushu Bicycle Club, Kobe City Bicycle Club for their support and cooperation, thank you again for your efforts and contribution to the excitement of the event great contribution. Also, I would like to thank Mr. Oshima who has been liaising and coordinating various groups and individuals to preview the lessons and has given him all his help.

The routes we run, hot springs, food, international exchanges, everything is wonderful. Just Sometimes the communication doesn't coordinate very well, but planning for the future I think this will be resolved in the following time It's not a big surprise It's not thanks to everyone involved Only people happen. Uka I hope this meeting can continue in the future. Thank you so much. At this event, I experienced many things for the first time and had a very meaningful and enjoyable time. Even with such a large group of people, the interaction with the Kirari team, the sincere communication with the Taiwanese people, and the help of many volunteers are all unforgettable. This is a warm memory.

We have ridden a total of 34 bicycles locally, and we are very grateful for the support of many local people. I was also touched by Kirari's very pure and obedient children.

Kazuhiro Ueda lives in Minoh


Sincere Communication" Naomi Aizawa

During this event, there were many things that I experienced for the first time, and I had a very meaningful and enjoyable time. Even with so many people, the contact with the Kirari team, the sincere communication with the Taiwanese people, and the help of many volunteers will all be warm memories left in my heart.

We have ridden a total of 34 bicycles locally, and we are very grateful for the support of many local people. I was also touched by Kirari's very pure and obedient children. [Taiwan and said to break through the wall of leaves and get used to each other, I also want to go to Taiwan. I really want to visit. Bike Transporter Thanks to you I was able to have a great time. [Thank you very much Mr. Oshima for all the planning and management.

(Naomi Aizawa) lives in Nara City


Afternoon of the first day: Sakaiminato Public Pier → Kaike Onsen Hashimoto Kanji Hotel

​The pier is too windy to go out on a yacht

I did not, but I was able to visit the interior and receive an explanation from the owner. Although small, it is enough for three people to sleep. There's even a battery room, a pantry, and a refrigerator. Everyone sat and watched the yacht swaying in the waves. The goal of the cycling tour is the white hotel buildings of Kaike Onsen, which float like mirages in the sea. At the starting point, the white hotel is right in front of you! After leaving the pier, the run was going well, but as I was running, I saw a strong wind blowing out to sea to my left. The bike has heavy pedals and cannot move forward without accelerating. Take a break on the way and rest at the Ocean Beach Observation Deck while feeling the strong wind.

Looking around the finish line, the group of white hotels at the start is no longer visible. The game went smoothly in the second half. When we entered a city near our target, the wind died down, and we called out to the other members as we ran. Arrive at the hotel. A small shrine seems to be found on the opposite side of the road, with a small poster saying "We have moved", and a pharmacist dedicated to the pharmacist Tathagata.


(Kanji Hashimoto) lives in Katano


Thank you for your relationship and smile" Shigeru Komori

This is my first time as a pilot in a new tandem. It's a tandem bike where the driver's pedals and the stalker's pedals are not connected. Since the pedals move independently, I think it would be difficult for a tracker to know when to turn the pedals and when to stop. When I started running, it was smooth. On the Yumihama bike path, the strong wind blowing from the sea made me shiver. Shengtie Roman Highway is a riverside track, surrounded by mountains, it is very easy to run, and the green on the mountain is also very fresh. I wish there were more roads like this across the country, it makes me want to ride forever.

In the past two days, I have been overwhelmed by the vitality of the people of Taiwan. Dinner, on the bus, on the bike, for someone who is always busy and quiet, it can feel like suddenly jumping into a storm. It was a storm of spirits. The East China Sea cyclone approached Japan and said: "I am sorry for this storm named Taiwan cyclone, but I welcome this Taiwan storm. Hope everyone stays healthy.

(Shigeru Komori) lives in Tanabe City


I am also looking forward to next year" Terumas Onishi

It was the first time in four years that we were able to attend this event, but it felt like stepping back in time, and we enjoyed meeting the people we knew and the new people we met.

Five years ago, when I went to Mizuki Shigeru Road in Sakaiminato, it was raining heavily, and I could only do my best to avoid the rain. (It was nice to get the amazake baumkuchen that I missed five years ago.) This is my first time in Tsuyama, but the park, Tsuyama Castle ruins, and streets are beautiful, and I'm really glad I got to go this time. In addition, Tsuyama’s offal udon noodles are also famous, and this bento contains offal meat, which is very filling. ​ While resting in Tsuyama, I saw a rainbow ring on the sun and took a photo. It seems to represent auspiciousness, and I think it also represents the future auspiciousness of this event. Thank you for your hard work from the planning stage to the preliminary preparation, the operation on the day, and the post-processing. Finally, thank you very much. We are also looking forward to next year's event.


Cycling" Naoki Sugimura

I've been waiting for a bike trip that I can't do due to corona.

I left by bus at JR Ibaraki. I'm going to Shimane and I'm on a yacht. The wind was so strong that I couldn't move. We had some snacks on the yacht. I ran the Hamayumi cycle path. I run on a tandem bike. At first, my dad and I rode alone. I rode in Tuozhong with Mr. Zhu. I went to the hotel by car. "I really like the hot springs." Dinner was delicious. We have a meeting. We all sang a song. I sang "Doraemon" at karaoke. I sang a song about dad and sunflowers. fun.

I have had breakfast. I went to Okayama. I rode Katatetsu Roman Kaidou Cycling. feels good. I want to ride again. I hope to see you again.

(Takanori Sugimura) lives in Ibaraki City


Fulfilling and beautiful two days Tagawa Rika

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for allowing me to participate in the Friendly Bike Race and meet many people I would not otherwise have met. It's hard to attend events and go on tours when it becomes difficult to see, but I really appreciate understanding volunteers. On the first day, I cycled along the coast, and on the second day, I took a walk around the ruins of Tsuyama Castle and the castle town. Generally speaking, the terrain is flat, and you can ride a bicycle while blowing the sea breeze. I went through experiences that I can't normally go through. As for Sailing, everyone was very enthusiastic and kind to guide me, and I can tell you that everyone is competing, and I love the story. It's amazing how much you can buy a yacht for 500,000 yen. ​ When walking in Tsuyama Castle, the explanations given by the volunteers were very interesting and easy to understand. The first time I knew about walking the castle town, wanted to know more and here we are. ​ This time, I was worried because I had to keep my guide dog with me, but the participants talked to me. Thank you so much for making us happy and not causing us any inconvenience . "If it's something we can do after all the hard work and trouble, we'll do it again next year, the year after. I hope you continue. "Mumbell's toweling handkerchiefs were made for my stay-at-home husband.

(Rika Tagawa) lives in Toyonaka


Participate in Fureai Cycling at Kobe City Cycling Club Tomoyuki Motoyama

Thanks for your help. I am Motoyama from the Kobe City Cycling Club. In tandem with Mr. Furukawa in the same group, I participated in the Mucycling event. This will be my second time participating. This time I participated from the middle.

As for our itinerary, we had club practice on Saturday morning, so after that, we drove to our destination, Kaike Onsen "Mitsui Annex", where we met up with the tandem team. I was allowed to attend dinners and banquets. At the banquet, I met Taiwanese people who had participated in Fureai Cycle events before, and I was reminded of that nostalgia. I asked about the event on the first day, but unfortunately the scheduled yacht cruise was canceled due to strong winds. I attended dinners, banquets (karaoke, accordion show, etc.) and attendee networking sessions in separate rooms, and I had a great time with all attendees.

On the second day, please wait patiently, we can ride a bicycle with me along the track to Liuyuan Mine Park, the starting point of the ride. As a result, I was able to help unload the tandem vehicles loaded on the truck before the point of departure. At the same time, everyone on the sightseeing car also arrived, had lunch in the park, and then started the second day of riding. Starting point, everyone left after taking commemorative photos. Known as the "Piece of Iron Roman Highway," the bike path is paved from a former piece of railway line. The total length is about 34 kilometers (from the park to Nishi Katage Station). On this cycling tour, we will enjoy a 25km tandem ride to the finish line and Keugatani Traffic Park, while passing through the ruins of old stations along the Yoshii River, taking breaks along the way.

Glad that the weather was clear and the air was clean and we were able to finish the race safely and without injury. When it was over, we said goodbye to everyone and went home. Finally, I would like to thank Mr. CVJ Oshima, his son, CVJ members, Mr. Iwakiri, local Sakushu Cycling Club members, volunteers and participants for their help, thank you very much for your valuable experience.

Also, if there is an opportunity, I would also like to participate in such an event, so please do not hesitate to contact me.

(Tomoyuki Motoyama) lives in Kobe


Participate in the 2023 Cycling Event" Mami Okada

We were going to cruise San Bao Bay, but the wind was too strong, so we stopped (anchored). Taiwanese and Japanese have a lot of fun calling out each other's names and writing each other's names in Roman characters. It was cold and windy while riding the Yumihama bike path, so I put on a windbreaker (note: don't wear too many clothes, because you will feel cold). At first, I was not used to riding a bicycle and found it uncomfortable, but Mr. Hashimoto told me, "It's a bit difficult to ride." On the first day, Mr. Tamura was the first to come, so I slipped away. "That's not okay." Hashimoto-san noticed it and took the lead to walk, but suddenly turned to look behind him. So, although we had been driving slowly, Mr. Hashimoto was coming back slowly, and I was lost. But I'm glad I got where everyone is.

​ Kaike Onsen front desk will assign you a room and go to your room. When I went to the open-air bath in rooms 504 and 505 with Ms. Takeda and Ms. Muto, I accidentally tried to go out naked due to visual impairment! Although the general meeting started at 18:00, someone gave the wrong time, causing confusion. Sorry for being late. We had dinner and enjoyed the entertainment and any games. A lot of fun. At the exchange meeting of the participants, everyone complained about what they did at work while talking about their dreams. The people in room 504 stayed up until 1:30 am.

Went to the store before 7:00 the next day, bought some souvenirs, and had breakfast. (Note here, apply sunscreen firmly, and don't wear too light clothes). We had lunch at the Katsutetsu Roman Road in Yanagihara Mine Park, enjoying the fresh greenery and beautiful scenery, which was different from the excitement and atmosphere of the first day. Thank you so much. It's good to be excited with the Taiwanese. I hope everyone will smile.

(Mami Okada) lives in Ibaraki


Work Kirari Volunteer Impressions "A Very Meaningful Time" MeiKeiichi Yama

​ It was a great experience for me to participate in the two-day intimate cycling event for the first time. Many volunteers also get involved, some of them aspiring cyclists. It's a great place to socialize. Also, this was the first time I had an international exchange with a lot of Taiwanese on such an occasion, so it was a very meaningful moment for me. The course alsowas by the sea on the first day and along the mountainside on the second day. What was impressive was that the participants were happy to speak out. I heard that the route itself has been previewed in advance, and I feel that it is a route with sufficient consideration for safety and easy running, and it is good in terms of physical burden and fatigue. [The exchange meeting in the evening is a good time to cross barriers and communicate. Participants said: "It's very interesting, but I'm a little tired." [In addition, we need to reserve a little more time for breakfast at the hotel, and there are no souvenirs. That being said, the schedule was tight, but the event was fun and a lot to learn, so I think I'd like to do it again.

(Keiichi Iiyama) lives in Habikino City


Participate in the Support Vehicle" Fujita Yoshiaki

​ For the first time in a while I was able to participate in the Fureai Cycle event which was canceled due to the corona crisis This time, the floor run was I am a supporter of the Yumihama Bikeway and the On-Slice Rome Motorway Bikeway—and I am participating . People on rental bikes, pilots and stalkers are working to get over the slopes, and everyone seems to be enjoying pedaling and sprinting toward the finish line.

Thank you again for planning this event. See you next time and I'll be happy to help you. Thanks for all your hard work.

(Fujita Yoshiaki) lives in Kyoto

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